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Dear Customer,
The mission of the University Publishing Center is to organize and promote the development, publication and dissemination of academic publications in order to encourage scientific production and make the book accessible to students.
The CPU publishes:
I – 8 collections of teaching manuals covering the major families of scientific disciplines:
1) Human, social and religious sciences.
2) Economics and Management.
3) Legal and political sciences.
4) Basic sciences.
5) Medical sciences.
6) Engineering sciences.
7) Letters and civilization.
8) Architecture, urbanism and fine arts.

II – Works dealing with research in various disciplines that may be of interest to a wider audience.
III – Periodic Reviews: Tunisian Journal of Law, Tunisian Journal of Economics and Management, Tunisian Journal of Economics.
IV – Symposium proceedings of great interest for the training of students and researchers and for the influence of the knowledge society.
For more information contact us at:
University Publishing Center
University Campus Manouba
2010 Manouba
Phone: (00 216) 71 600 025 – (00 216) 71 601 025 – (00 216) 71 601 786
Fax: (00 216) 71 601 266