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Easterners in textual camps

Muhsin Jassim AL-MUSAWI

ISBN : 9973-948-52-1

Année d’édition : 2000

Nombre de pages : 411

Format (cm) : 15.5*24

Catégorie : Littérature anglaise


Displaced onto a Muslim Orient : Romantic Desire and Manichean Aesthetics– Raiding the Exotic : English Travel Books to the Near East – The “Orientalist Canon” in the Humanist Tradition : Patterns of Resistance and Subordination– Vathek’s Romantic Grotesque and the Gaze of the Patriarch – Beckford’s Popular Orientalism : The “Arabian Nightism” of vathek – The Contaminating contact with otherness : Revisionism and the disruption of history in Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights – The taming of the Sultan – Rasselas and the colonial Discourse – The Arabic context of Johnson’s Rasselas– Decentring the Metropolis : Dickens’ Magic Realism versus Utilitarian Pragmatics – Translation as Appropriation : The case of Fitz Gerlad’s Rubaiyat– Arabian Nightism in Retrospect.